GPU-focused fork

Nexell-AI Network

The Nexell-AI project is a fork of the kaspa blockchain, the fastest, open-source, decentralized & fully scalable Layer-1 in the world.
Nexell-AI use the Karlsen algorithm and launches a GPU-focused fork, tackling the prevalence of ASIC mining operations. This strategic move is designed to bolster small-scale miners and amplify the network’s decentralization.




Unlike conventional blockchain systems, GHOSTDAG doesn’t discard blocks generated concurrently. Instead, it permits their coexistence, establishing a consensus-based sequence. In this context, Nexell-AI functions more as a blockDAG, with GHOSTDAG’s dynamics observable through a real-time blockDAG visualizer.

This advanced form of the Nakamoto consensus ensures secure operations while enabling remarkably high block rates (currently one block per second, with targets of 32/sec and prospects of reaching 100/sec) and extremely low confirmation times, primarily influenced by internet latency.

Nexell-AI’s implementation incorporates numerous innovative features and subprotocols. These include Reachability for assessing the DAG’s structure, Block data pruning, SPV proofs, and forthcoming support for subnetworks, which will greatly facilitate the integration of layer 2 solutions in the future.

Research & Development

Distributed Artificial Intelligence Network on BlockDAG

The development of a distributed artificial intelligence (AI) network, where each node of the BlockDAG acts as an autonomous AI agent. These agents will collaborate on various tasks such as machine learning, data processing, and decision making, within a BlockDAG structure that offers efficiency, transparency, and security.

Envisioned Advantages:

- Distributed Learning: Utilization of BlockDAG for collaborative and distributed learning.
- Security: Security enhancement through the decentralization of BlockDAG.
- Real-Time Processing: Ability to efficiently process data in real-time due to the speed of BlockDAG.
- Interoperability: Use of smart contracts to ensure interoperability.

Challenges to Address:

- Data Protection: Ensuring the security of private data.
- Handling Large Volumes: Ability to process and manage large volumes of data.
- Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to legal and regulatory standards.

Potential Applications:

- Smart Cities: Management of urban infrastructures such as lighting and traffic, as well as city energy systems, all driven by AI.
- Gaming: Enhancing gaming experiences with AI-driven ecosystems, supported by the secure and efficient framework of BlockDAG.
- Healthcare: Secure analysis of medical data to prevent data leaks, and use in pandemic prevention through the analysis of virus hotspots.
- Finance: Applications in trading and real-time financial analysis, leveraging the speed and accuracy of AI.

Innovations and Potential:

The structural alignment of BlockDAGs with neural networks used in current AI models (such as ChatGPT and Hermes) creates a unique opportunity to combine the benefits of BlockDAG with the capabilities of AI. This paves the way for revolutionary applications, fundamentally transforming key sectors such as gaming, urban planning, healthcare, and finance.

The fastest blockchain

Nexell-AI uses Kaspa technology which allows it to generate one block per second.

To put it in perspective, Bitcoin takes approximately 10 minutes to create a single block, while Ethereum takes about 15 seconds.

This incredible speed leads to lightning-fast transactions and instant confirmations on the Nexell-AI blockchain.

Performance & Security
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Nexell-AI harnesses an ultra secure block network with no compromise to decentralization. Achieved with pure, stake-less, proof-of-work combined with a revolutionary GhostDAG Consensus mechanism.

Nexell-AI Key Features



Nexell-AI’s blockDAG network generates multiple blocks every second for posting transactions to the ledger. Combined with fully confirmed transactions in 10 seconds, this makes Nexell-AI ideal for everyday transactions.



Nexell-AI was designed to be hundreds of times faster than Bitcoin, with each Nexell-AI transaction visible to the network in one second, and each transaction fully confirmed in 10 seconds on average.



Nexell-AI solves the scalability problem with its ability to generate and confirm multiple blocks per second. This comes with no trade-off to security and decentralization as seen with Proof-of-Stake networks.



Nexell-AI utilizes the optical-mining ready nHeavyHash algorithm for consensus and security of the network. This algorithm, combined with high-throughput DAG and no-wasted-blocks, makes it less energy intensive than other PoW networks.



Nexell-AI harnesses an ultra secure block network with no compromise to decentralization. Achieved with pure, stake-less, proof-of-work combined with a revolutionary GhostDAG Consensus mechanism.



Overcoming the problem of blockchains, Nexell-AI processes all blocks in parallel linking all side-chains. This leads to a DAG structure that increases the formation of blocks per second drastically, creating a blockDAG.


Phase 1

Nexell-AI Mainnet Launch ✅
Block Explorer ✅
WebWallet ✅
Caldera bot for OTC ✅
Listing TradeOgre ✅
Listing Nonkyc ✅
Listing XeggeX ✅
Update WhitePaper ✅
Nexell-AI Testnet Launch ✅
Desktop Wallet ✅

Phase 2

Algo improvement ⏰

Phase 3

Integration smart contracts ⏰

Phase 4

Distributed Artificial Intelligence Network on BlockDAG ⏰

Phase 5

Marketing Campaign ⏰
Tier2 CEX ⏰

Phase 6

Search AI partners ⏰
Tier1 CEX ⏰


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